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June 2021

Hello, developers!

I wanted to let you know about two new open source projects we've recently released as well as a new course to help beginners get started contributing to open source projects.
Project CodeNet is a large dataset aimed at teaching AI to code. The project consists of some 14M code samples and about 500M lines of code in more than 55 different programming languages, from modern ones like C++, Java, Python, and Go to legacy languages like COBOL, Pascal, and FORTRAN.

"Given its wealth of programs written in a multitude of languages, we believe Project CodeNet can serve as a benchmark dataset for source-to-source translation and do for AI and code what the ImageNet dataset did years ago for computer vision."
Learn more about Project CodeNet ›

The Konveyor project aims to help modernize and migrate applications for open hybrid cloud by building tools, identifying patterns, and providing advice on how to bring cloud-native transformation across IT. The Konveyor project is a joint project between IBM and Red Hat.
Read the intro blog about the project ›

New to open source? Not sure where to start? Our new course, Introduction to Open Source, helps you understand what an open source project is, know how to use common open source tools, be able to find and contribute to open source projects, and create and lead an open source project.

Todd Moore
Vice President of Open Technology, IBM Developer and Developer Advocacy

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Get started using Kubernetes Operators

Discover key concepts related to Kubernetes operators and follow tutorials to learn how to build, deploy, and use operators to extend Kubernetes' functionality.
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Address your site’s accessibility — from MVP to a complete solution — with a few simple clicks

Updates to the open source IBM Accessibility Checker make scanning entire sites and applications more effective.
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IBM contributes LoopBack to the OpenJS Foundation

LoopBack is a popular (13.3K GH stars!) Node.js framework for API creation and a platform to build large-scale Node.js applications using proven patterns with TypeScript. IBM contributed LoopBack to the OpenJS Foundation to help it continue to grow under open governance and with a wider community of developers contributing to the code base. Currently half of the contributions are outside of IBM, so we look forward to more collaboration.
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Open source Grillo project tests earthquake detection system in Puerto Rico

Earthquake early-warning (EEW) systems are essential in providing real-term alerts to nearby populations before the shaking arrives – giving people time to gather essentials and get to safety. Grillo includes IoT sensors that rapidly detect ground motion, triggering algorithms in the cloud to verify that an earthquake is occurring, and instantly sharing alerts to at-risk populations via a mobile application or wearable device.
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Red Hat Summit 2021
June 15, 2021 at 10:00 am EDT; Online

Application Security Series: AI Security
June 23, 2021 at 4:00 pm, CEST; Online

Call for Code for Racial Justice (Miniseries): Fair Change
June 8, 2021 at 1:00 pm, EDT; Online