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September 2021

Hello, Data and AI enthusiasts!

Supervised learning is a subcategory of machine learning that’s defined by its use of labeled data sets to train algorithms to classify data or predict outcomes accurately. In this month's newsletter, we feature a learning path that's designed to help you deepen your machine learning knowledge. Along with another learning path on the Data Quality for AI Toolkit, you'll have the tools to help you in your artificial intelligence and data science journey.

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Supervised deep learning

Explore the topic of supervised deep learning and its place in deep learning.

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Data Quality for AI

Learn how the Data Quality for AI Toolkit provides a systematic way to assess and remediate data with well-specified APIs.

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Protect your data using data privacy features

Enforce proper management and use of data as per the organization's guidelines and regulations.

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Analyze discovered data to gain insights on the quality of your data

Work with the discovered data and learn how to associate governance artifacts with these discovered assets.

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