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May 2021

Hello, developers!

The 2021 Call for Code Global Challenge is now open! This challenge encourages developers to build and contribute to sustainable, open source technology projects that address one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change. This year's three focus areas include:
Many tech for good initiatives and hackathons produce amazing prototypes, but the story ends there. Every Call for Code winner has a future. Working with an ecosystem of non-profits, governments, and businesses, we bring the best open source solutions to communities with the greatest need. To date, 12 Call for Code projects have been open sourced through the Linux Foundation. Learn more about past deployments.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the Call for Code Challenge today.

On a personal note, our hearts go out to our colleagues and friends who are battling COVID-19 in India and Brazil.

Todd Moore
Vice President of Open Technology, IBM Developer and Developer Advocacy

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IBM joins Eclipse Adoptium and offers free certified JDKs with Eclipse OpenJ9

As part of IBM’s continuing commitment to Eclipse Adoptium and the Eclipse OpenJ9 Java Virtual Machine, IBM will build and publish Java SE TCK-certified JDK binaries with OpenJ9 at no cost.
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A brief intro to Red Hat OpenShift for Node.js developers

Red Hat OpenShift streamlines and secures running Kubernetes in production environments. In this blog post, developer advocate Joe Sepi highlights what Node.js developers need to know when deploying a Node.js application in an OpenShift environment.
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Red Hat and IBM Research Launch the Konveyor Project

To help in Kubernetes adoption, Red Hat and IBM Research have created Konveyor, an open source project aimed at helping modernize and migrate applications for open hybrid cloud by building tools, identifying patterns and providing advice on how to bring cloud-native transformation across IT.
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Deploy Apache Spark jobs to Kubernetes using Tekton

Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing, but creating a runnable Spark job on Kubernetes can be complicated. This tutorial simplifies that process by showing how you can use Tekton Pipelines to automate the deployment of a Spark job on Kubernetes.
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Think 2021
May 11-12; Online

A FinTech’s Guide to Highly Secure, Scalable and Reliable Cloud Solutions
May 11, 2021 at 4pm, CEST