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April 2021

Hello, Java enthusiasts!

May this newsletter find you well in these challenging times. Innovation in the Java space continues and there has been many exciting new developments.

From AdoptOpenJDK to Eclipse Adoptium
The AdoptOpenJDK community has been instrumental in providing free OpenJDK binaries for many platforms since 2017. The community announced back in the middle of 2020 that they will be moving to the Eclipse Foundation. This culminates in the Eclipse Adoptium project and the formation of the Adoptium Working Group, both significant milestones in ensuring continued availability of "high-quality runtimes and associated technology for use within the Java ecosystem."

Java 16 and Beyond
Java 16 reached general availability in March bringing new features to the Java SE platform. Download to check it out and we look forward to the arrival of the next LTS release in Java 17.

More Open Cloud-Native Joe
Innovation in the open cloud-native Java space for enterprises has not let up either. MicroProfile reached 4.0 delivering an updated set of API to make building Java microservices easier while Jakarta EE delivered its 9.0 release setting the stage for continued open innovation under the jakarta namespace by the community for enterprise Java developers. Open Liberty, an open-source Java runtime optimized for cloud from IBM, was one of the first implementations to declare compatibility for MicroProfile 4 and the first vendor implementation to achieve full compatibility for Jakarta EE 9.

Jakarta EE Developer Survey 2021
The Jakarta EE Working Group is running their annual survey to help "Java ecosystem stakeholders better understand the requirements, priorities, and perceptions of enterprise developer communities." Take a moment to fill out the survey to share your input.

YK Chang, Lead Developer Advocate

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