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March 2021

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2020 was a year of reckoning for racial justice in the United States. In Fall 2020, we announced Call for Code for Racial Justice to use the power of open source development and technologies to combat racism. These projects are related to three main areas: Police and judicial reform and accountability, diverse representation, and policy and legislation reform.

On February 19, 2021, the Linux Foundation and IBM released two new open source projects that fight racial inustice: Fair Change and TakeTwo.
  • Fair Change is a platform to help record, catalog, and access evidence of potentially racially charged incidents to help enable transparency, education, and reform as a matter of public interest and safety. Using React Native and other technologies, Fair Change can assimilate real-world video footage related to routine traffic stops, stop and search or other scenarios, and may be recorded and accessed by the involved parties and authorities to determine whether the incidents were handled in a biased manner. Read our tutorial to get started using and contributing to Fair Change: Fair Change: Equipping communities with data, analytics, and insights to educate and empower systemic reform
  • TakeTwo aims to help mitigate bias in digital content, with a focus on text across news articles, headlines, web pages, blogs, and even code. Leveraging open source technologies like Python, FastAPI, and Docker, TakeTwo is designed to use directories of inclusive terms compiled by trusted sources like the Inclusive Naming Initiative, which was co-founded by the Linux Foundation and CNCF. The terminology is categorized to train an AI model to enhance its accuracy over time. Read our tutorial to get started using and contributing to TakeTwo: TakeTwo: A quick and simple tool to help detect and eliminate racial bias
Fight systemic racism in a tangible and authentic way by getting involved with these projects--and the 5 other racial justice projects--and making an impact in communities. Check out all of our Call for Code for Racial Justice projects

Todd Moore
Vice President of Open Technology, IBM Developer and Developer Advocacy

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