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IBM Developer
October 2020
Hello, Java enthusiasts!
Java 15 was released on schedule on September 15. In last month's newsletter, Mary Grygleski had a great write-up on the new changes that were part of Java 15. 

As Java continues moving into the future, starting with Java 16, the source code for OpenJDK will be hosted on GitHub, which makes it a great time to start contributing to OpenJDK! OpenJDK has been hosted for years in a Mercurial repository. With the explosive growth of the usage of git, primarily driven by the popularity of GitHub, the continued reliance on Mercurial became an impediment to growth of the community contributing with OpenJDK. As of the completion of JEP 369 on September 11, the OpenJDK project officially moved to GitHub. With the move to GitHub, now is a great time to start contributing to the OpenJDK project.

If you are looking for a project to contribute toward, you might consider Project Loom. Project Loom is focused on improving concurrency in the JVM through the use of virtual threads, delimited continuations, and tail-call elimination. Efficient resource usage and the ability to rapidly scale to meet spikes in demand are critical in a world that is becoming increasingly focused on running workloads on public cloud platforms. To learn more about Project Loom, and to see virtual threads and continuations in action, watch the presentation that Dr. Venkat Subramaniam gave to the Kansas City Java Users group in September.

Billy Korando, Senior Developer Advocate
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