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IBM Developer
Open Technology
September 2020
Hello, developers!
2.7 billion people around the globe live with the threat of earthquakes. An accessible early warning earthquake system is needed to help vulnerable communities and people prepare for earthquakes. Grillo recently open sourced their earthquake early-warning system through the Linux Foundation, with support from IBM and other partners.

The new OpenEEW project senses, detects and analyzes earthquakes.  Specifically, OpenEEW includes:
  • Sensors that can detect ground motion
  • A central platform to analyze data
  • Interface to rapidly transmit alerts to a range of devices
Now is a great time to get involved in the OpenEEW project! We would love contributions from across disciplines, from developers, academics, seismologists, data scientists, marketers and more. 

Learn more about the project and ways you can contribute. Or, check out a detailed tutorial, Build an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system and visualize historical seismic datasets to see how to build Node-RED dashboards using live OpenEEW sensor data.

Want to learn about other open source Tech for Good projects you can contribute to? Join us on October 13 for the Call for Code Awards ceremony where we announce new open source initiatives to fight climate change, COVID-19, and more.

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Chris Ferris
IBM Fellow, CTO Open Technology
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