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IBM Developer
May 2020
Hello, Java enthusiasts!
As we all shelter in place and fellow software developers are working from home, we can still continue to be part of our local and global tech communities. Many in-person events are being postponed, as you can imagine, but staying connected in the age of video conferencing is easy — if you know where to go! In this newsletter, we'll highlight some of the (virtual) places where you can stay informed of happenings in the technology world and keep your skills up to date.

The Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge on May 4 consists of four online labs to help you learn or brush up on your Java and Cloud knowledge. The best part is that the new learning platform will let you jump in just by opening a web page! No IDE or other installs on your computer.... just log in, and start coding! Oh, and did we mention there are prizes? :)

IBM Think is also coming up May 5-6, with lots of master classes, labs, keynotes, and sessions. See what to watch for in the developer-focused track, including:
When cloud-native Java meets Containers, Kubernetes, and Istio
A deep-dive into cloud-native Java, featuring Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile
Hands-on lab on fast, efficient, and seriously open cloud-native Java
Cloud-native for Spring developers
Go serverless with Java
Microservices patterns – Implemented by Eclipse MicroProfile
Additional community conferences are listed in the "Events" section. If you know a student who has some free time, have them look into our "Get started with Java" series to learn Java language basics.

Pratik Patel, Lead Developer Advocate
More Java...
Quarkus J9
Running Quarkus on OpenJ9
Watch the video
Red Hat OpenShift 4.3 on IBM Cloud
OpenShift 4 introduces major improvements for developers, including advanced support for operators, CI/CD pipelines, and service mesh.
Three key features for developers on OpenShift 4 on IBM Cloud
Increase collaboration with CodeReady workspaces, operators, and role-based access control.
Take the Build Smart on Kubernetes Challenge
Test your coding skills in this hands-on digital challenge for Kubernetes, Java, and Cloud.
Get started with Java
Learn Java language basics, and master the constructs for building and deploying real-world applications.
Other items of interest
OpenJ9 introduces an early access release of OpenJDK 11 for the 64-bit ARM architecture (AArch64)
IBM intends to deliver Java 11 on z/OS
Better captain the enterprise with Apache Maven
Early experience report: OpenJ9's JITServer tech preview smooths out CPU usage in cloud deployments
Think 2020
May 5-6; Online
Cloud Native for Java (CN4J)
May 12; Online
JNation Community Conference
June 2; Online