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IBM Developer
July 2020
Hello, Java enthusiasts!
While much of the world remains under restrictions as we deal with the impacts of COVID-19, the Java community has continued to push forward with evolving the Java language and ecosystem. Let's take a look at some of the recent developments. 

The AdoptOpenJDK project, which has been a platform for providing trusted vendor-neutral JDK distributions will join the Eclipse Foundation and be renamed Eclipse Adoptium. This move will secure the long-term future of the project, ensuring Java developers and organizations will always have access to free and open-source JDK binaries.

On June 23, the Jakarta EE team celebrated their Milestone 1 release of Jakarta EE 9. Jakarta EE 9 will introduce package namespace changes as the Jakarta EE project moves from the javax package namespace to the new jakarta package namespace. To help with this transition, the new Eclipse Transformer project has been started to develop a transformer tool that can transform binary class files and JAR files to the new Jakarta EE 9 namespaces. 

Spring Boot 2.3 was released in May. Along with the usual dependency upgrades, this release of Spring Boot includes improved Docker support in the form of: enhancements to the spring-boot Maven and Gradle plugins that allow them to build a Docker image, graceful shutdown support, and inclusion of readiness and liveliness in the base of Spring Boot without having to include the Spring Boot Actuator dependency.

Spring Boot is also switching to a six-month release cadence, and projects that had been using themed version names, like Spring Cloud and Spring Data, will change their versioning scheme to calendar versioning (calver).

Finally, Java 15 entered Rampdown Phase One on June 11, so it is feature-complete. This is the first of five phases before its expected general availability on September 15.

It's good to see the Java community continuing to move forward while sheltering in place.

Billy Korando, Developer Advocate
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