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IBM Developer
Open Technology
June/July 2020
Hello, developers!
When a company has a security breach that exposes customer data, it's costly to their reputation and to their bottom line. A new open source project from IBM enables developers to use encrypted data to be used in computation without the need to decrypt it first.

The IBM Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkits provide code and development environment settings that developers can use to build encryption into the fabric of their applications without requiring expertise in cryptography. 

Read our blog post to learn more about the project and to get involved: New open source security tools let you develop on encrypted data.

This month we're also offering another opportunity to brush up on your security skills with our Digital Developer Conference: Cloud Native Security on June 24, 25, and July 1.  Led by subject matter experts from IBM and Red Hat, these technical sessions and hands-on labs offer beginners and experts alike an opportunity to explore three dedicated tracks: Application Security, Data Security, and DevSecOps. Register for free now.

Todd Moore
VP of Open Technology, IBM Developer and Developer Advocacy
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